The elegance of the polished stucco is enhanced by luxurious metallic shimmers. Unpredictable bright reflections create unique and exquisite quarters.


Acrylic, water based, washable decorative plaster for interiors, enriched by precious metallic pigments. It allows to create refined decorations, with special silver and gold reflections. CeboSi Decoro can be applied over all smooth and levelled surfaces. In case of application over rough substrates, repair the surface with a suitable levelling paste. CeboSi Decoro is presented in a selection of refined ready-to-use base colours: Argento, Oro Veneziano, Oro Zecchino which can also be coloured with CeboKit or with CCS tinting system.

Surface treatment:

Warning: ensure that the substrates are perfectly clean, dry and uniform. In case of new or recently repaired walls, highly absorbent or chalky substrates, carefully clean the surface and apply a coat of priming fixative CeboFix M, by paintbrush, diluted 1:1 with water.

CeboSi Fondo:

Water based, acrylic, base coat, with a slightly rough texture. Apply CeboSi Fondo wIth a short pile roller, in one or two coats to reach a perfect cover of the surface. Apply CeboSi Decoro when CeboSi Fondo is perfectly dry.

Add Ons:

Application cycle

Trowelled effect:

Using a metal or plastic trowel apply on a surface prepared with CeboSi Fondo an appropriate quantity of the product and spread it, the scope is to obtain the total coverage of the prime coating and a smooth surface. When the first coating has dried completely, with a trowel apply the second coating of the product, using irregular criss cross strokes.

Striped effect:

Apply the product on a surface prepared with CeboSi Fondo following the desired direction (oblique, vertical, horizontal), using long strokes, then treat the surface once again making strokes in the opposite direction in order to remove excess product.

CeboVitra Più:

Water based transparent protective glossy product, based on polyurethane resins. Applied on CeboSi Decoro, as well as making it extremely scratch-resistant and washable, gives the environments of frequent use (bathrooms, kitchens, stairs, shops etc) a delicate glossy appearance. Apply CeboVitra Più when CeboSi Decoro is  completely dry, in two coats with a short hair woolen roller.

CeboVitra Matt:

Water-based transparent matt protective coat based on polyurethane resins. When applied on CeboSi Decoro, it makes surfaces extremely washable and scratch-resistant; besides, it helps to obtain a matt and delicate to touch effect. When CeboSi Decoro has dried, apply two coatings of CeboVitra Matt, using a a short pile roller.


Application Methods :

  product use dilution (water) approx. coverage tool drying time colour
base coat CeboSi Fondo interior ready to use 10 m2/L alt text 6-8 h white
finish coat CeboSi Decoro interior ready to use 4-5 m2/L alt textalt text 4-6 h CeboKit & CCS
protective coat CeboVitra Più interior ready to use 8-10 m2/L alt text 4-6 h transparent
protective coat CeboVitra Matt interior ready to use 8-10 m2/L alt text 4-6 h transparent

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