Silver glow enlightened by soft sandy dunes in a never-ending succession of emotions.


CeboStone Light and CeboStone Flash are two water-based acrylic finishes for interiors. Quick and easy to apply and has a high mechanical resistance, give the surfaces a sanded and bright effect. They can be used on any type of surface, both smooth and rough-finished. CeboStone Light is characterized by an opaque and discreet metallic look, while CeboStone Flash has a shiny and sparkling metallic  appearance. The application of the glossy transparent protective CeboVitra Più is recommended in rooms that require further improvement of the washable characteristics of the two finishes.

Surface treatment:

Surface treatment:

Make sure that the surfaces are uniform and perfectly clean and dry. If any recent signs of scraping, grainy or porous patches are visible, give the surface a thorough wiping and use a brush to apply a coat of the insulating fixative CeboFix M diluted in water in proportion of 1:1.


Acrylic water-based primer, which possesses high coverage and white point value. Apply one or two coats of the product using a short nap roller, until you cover the surface completely. When FondoPlus is dry, you can apply CeboStone.


Paste-like additive for indoor use. Created using a holographic micro glitter base, it produces a multicolour 3D optical effect. When added to CeboStone, it enhances its brilliance, giving the rooms a touch of exquisiteness and magic. Add CeboMagic just before applying the finish; use the product containing the additive within 6 days.

CeboVitra Più:

Water-based glossy, transparent protective compound, created with polyurethane resins, for indoor and outdoor use. The treated surfaces are highly washable and resistant to scratches. Advisable for use to protect surfaces, which are wiped frequently. Use a brush to apply one or two coats of ready-to-use CeboVitra Più,  following the pattern used when applying CeboStone.

Add Ons:

Effetto Pennellato – Brushstroke Effect

Apply a coat of the preferred finish using a medium-size flat brush (7×3 or 10×3); use crisscross brush strokes to cover the surface with a pattern of alternating smooth and sandy patches.

Effetto Rigato – Ribbed Effect

Apply the preferred finish using a medium-size flat brush (7×3 or 10×3); use vertical, horizontal or diagonal brush strokes of varying length; then, use a dry brush over the surface to even out e pattern and to remove the finish in excess. To produce a more homogeneous effect with less contrast you can apply a second coat of CeboStone, using the same method, after the first coat is completely dry.


Application Methods :

  product use dilution (water) approx. coverage tool drying time colour
base coat FondoPlus interior 10% 8-10 m2/L alt text 6-8 h white
finish coat CeboStone Light interior 5% 7-8 m2/L alt text 4-6 h CeboKit & CCS
finish coat CeboStone Flash interior ready to use 7-8 m2/L alt text 4-6 h CeboKit e CCS
protective coat CeboVitra Più interior ready to use 8-10 m2/L alt text 4-6 h transparent

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