Pure emotions created by rough silver and metallic shades, which follow the character of the surfaces, resulting in a softly embossed touch or a marked roughness.


CeboStyle Antico can be applied on all types of support, as long as suitably prepared, in two coats, with the appropriate CeboSi paintbrush (available in 2½ and 4 inches): dip the brush into the product and apply to the surface in crossed brush-strokes avoiding clear-cuts. When the first coat is completely dry (after about 4-6 hours), apply the second coat with the same technique.

Surface treatment:

Ensure that the substrates are perfectly clean, dry and uniform. In case of recently repaired walls, highly absorbent or chalky substrates, carefully clean the surface and apply a coat of priming fixative CeboFix M, by paintbrush, diluted 1:1 with water.


Water based, acrylic base coat with high covering properties and brilliant white. Carefully clean the substrate and apply one or two coats of product, with a short hair  woollen roller, until the surface is entirely covered. Apply CeboStyle Antico when  FondoPlus is completely dry.


Additive in paste for interiors, based on holographic microglitter with a stunning three-dimensional effect and colorful look. When added to CeboStyle Antico it gives the surfaces a touch of magic. Mix CeboMagic to CeboStyle Antico shortly before the application. The prepared mixed product must be applied within 6 days.


Powder additive for interiors, based on laminated glitter. When added to CeboStyle Antico, it gives the finish a sparkling appearance. Mix CeboGlitter to CeboStyle Antico shortly before the application. The prepared mixed product must be applied within 6 days.

Add Ons:

Water-based acrylic finish for interiors. It is washable, covering and has a metallic look. It allows to achieve surfaces characterized by peculiar light contrasts which enhance both classical and modern environments, in line with current interior design trends. It is available in a wide range of basic tints to satisfy any requirement related to colour and metallic look:

Silver, Aluminium, Gold, Light Gold, Bronze, Brown Gold, Crystal Blu, Copper, Red Copper, Ruby Red, Star Black: delicate metallic effect..

Silver XL: structured metallic effect.

Platinum: shining metallic effect.

Golden White and Golden Orange: iridescent metallic effect.


Application Methods :

  Product Use Dilution (water) approx. coverage Tool Drying time Colour
base coat FondoPlus interior 10% 8-10 m2/L 6-8 h white
finish coat CeboStyle Antico interior
ready to use
10 m2/L 4-6 h CeboKit & CCS

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