Metallic shades with iridescent tones. Colors with magnetic charm that seem to change when seen from different angles.


Acrylic water-based, finish for interiors. It is washable, covering and it has a metallic look. The precious iridescent pigments contained in Golden White and Golden Orange bases allow to create a collection of vibrant and changeable colours, which illuminate the walls with enchanting and futuristic sensations. CeboStyleAntico can be applied on all type of support, as long as suitably prepared, in two coats, with the appropriate CeboSi paintbrush (available in 2½ and 4 inches): dip the brush into the product and apply on the surface with crossed brush-strokes avoiding clear-cut. When the first coat is completely dry (after about 4-6 hours), apply the second coat with the same technique.

Surface treatment:

Ensure that the substrates are perfectly clean, dry and uniform. In case of recently repaired walls, highly absorbent or chalky substrates, carefully clean the surface and apply a coat of priming fixative CeboFix M, by paintbrush, diluted 1:1 with water.


Water based, acrylic based coat with high covering properties and brilliant white. Carefully clean the substrate and apply one or two coats of product, with a short hair woollen roller, until the surface is entirely covered. Apply CeboStyle Antico when  FondoPlus is completely dry.

Add Ons:

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Application Methods :

  product use dilution (water) resa teorica tool drying time colour
base coat FondoPlus interior 10% 8-10 m2/L alt text 6-8 h white
finish coat CeboStyle Antico
Goden White – Golden Orange
interior ready to use 10 m2/L alt text 4-6 h CeboKit & CCS


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