A gentle satin paint finish with clear and velvet colours that gives softness and brightness to every surrounding.


Acrylic, water based, washable finish for interiors, with low dirt pickup and good mechanical resistance. CeboTime has a pearly and matt finish, it is easy to apply and it allows to obtain clear, neat and bright shades, as well as strong colours. The numerous chromatic possibilities make CeboTime a versatile finish, to give value to classic and modern environments. CeboTime can be applied on all types of support, as long as suitably prepared and prior to the application of the base coat FondoPlus. On the perfectly dry surface, apply one uniform layer of CeboTime, with CeboSi paintbrush (available in 2½ and 4 inches), in crossed brush-strokes being careful to avoid clear-cuts. For a more compact and consistent effect, when the first coat is completely dry (after about 4-6 hours) it is possible to apply a second coat, keeping in mind that a second layer will deepen the tone of the shade.

Surface treatment:

Ensure that the substrates are perfectly clean, dry and uniform. In case of recently repaired walls, highly absorbent or chalky substrates, carefully clean the surface and apply a coat of priming fixative CeboFix M, by paintbrush, diluted 1:1 with water.


Water based, acrylic based coat with high covering properties and brilliant white. Apply one or two coats of product, with a short pile roller, until the surface is entirely covered. Apply CeboTime when FondoPlus is completely dry.

Add Ons:


Additive in paste for interiors, based on holographic microglitter with a stunning three-dimensional effect and colorful look. When added to CeboTime it gives the surfaces a touch of magic. Mix CeboMagic to CeboTime shortly before the application. The prepared mixed product must be applied within 6 days.


Application Methods :

  product use dilution (water) approx. coverage tool drying time colour
base coat FondoPlus interior 10% 8-10 m2/L alt text 6-8 h white
finish coat CeboTime interior ready to use 10 m2/L (one coat) – 7 m2/L (two coat) alt text 4-6 h CeboKit & CCS

Video :